• Image of Titanium Drusy and Bead 14 kt Gold Fill Pendant

I love the different, odd and unusual This cabochon of drusy is all that, with it's scalloped border of crystal running around it's edge. And of course, I love the deep purple and blue color.

Drusy is a sugary quartz structure found in many minerals and colors worldwide. It sparkles and the size of the crystal varies from a fine granulated type to large crystals like those found in a geode. Some Drusy is dyed or coated with a thin layer of titanium or gold. Drusy occurs naturally when silica in liquid solution seeps into other porous minerals and a fast cooling occurs.

Wrapped in 14 karat gold filled wire. 14 karat gold fill wire is durable, containing about 100 times more gold than gold plate. It is considered to be heirloom quality.

2 1/2" X 1 1/4" approx.



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