• Image of The Briny Deep

This was created for an artist challenge. The requirements were use of a snake or tentacle, things from the sea, asymmetry, a floating bail and glass or stone, with a theme of "dark". I utilized tentacles, molds from actual sea life, an asymmetric backplate, texture from sand, a floating bail embedded in a limpet, and a beautiful dark dichroic glass cabochon. I found the small whelk and limpet while cleaning mussels. The floating bail gives this pendant movement.

Dichroic glass is a fused glass containing various metal oxides, giving the piece different colors through reflection and refraction. Colors often shift with the angle of view. Dichroic glass was first created by NASA to serve as heat shields for the space shuttle. I refer to it as “glass lasagna” as it is baked in layers in a kiln.

Silver Art Clay is made from silver reclaimed from photography and X-ray film, combined with an organic binder. It can be formed just like clay: rolled, stamped, coiled, joined, and is then dried. Then it is fired by kiln or flame and the organics burn out, leaving either fine or sterling silver depending upon the formula. It is versatile and fun to work!

Fine silver clay, .999.

18" drawn cable sterling silver chain included.

1 1/2" X 7/8" approx

KM192C 1/3/23


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