Sage and Dichroic Glass Fine Silver Pendant


This magical beauty takes me back to the forest that I live in. A delicate sage leaf frames the deep colors in two dichroic glass cabs, evoking the hush among the giant Douglas fir trees near my home.

Dichroic glass is a fused glass containing various metal oxides, giving the piece different colors through reflection and refraction. Colors often shift with the angle of view.

Silver Art Clay is made from silver reclaimed from photography and X-rays, combined with an organic binder. It can be formed just like clay: rolled, stamped, coiled, joined, and is then dried. Then it is fired by kiln or flame and the organics burn out, leaving .999 fine silver. It is versatile and fun to work!

Comes with an 18" sterling silver Korean neck chain (not pictured).

1.5" by 7/8" approx.