• Image of Quartz Crystal Basket Sterling Silver Necklace

As an agate collector I devised this basket as a way to show off small agate nuggets. Why not pop a bit of quartz in one? Here is a slightly smokey crystal pair that has a bit of iris color (a tiny rainbow!) in the smaller crystal. ( I could not capture it in the photo)

Quartz is a silica mineral. It is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, second to feldspar. Agate, amethyst, citrine, onyx and jasper are all varieties of colored quartz. It’s piezoelectric properties were discovered in 1880; nowadays, quartz used in electronics is lab-produced. Quartz is thought to intensify energy and intention, and enhance clarity and focus.

Wrapped in solid sterling silver wire.

18" sterling silver drawn cable neck chain included.

2" X 1" approx.



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