• Image of Golgi Complex Fine Silver Pendant

This creative piece is fashioned for Fordite, layers of automotive paint, carved to make the pools and rings of color.

Fordite is the name of slag created by the old practice of spray painting cars. Over time, layers of different-colored paint would build up on the tracks that cars rode along. The slag was removed, and creative employees found a use for it in jewelry. Nowadays, paints are applied by a different process.

Silver Art Clay is made from silver reclaimed from photography and X-ray film, combined with an organic binder. It can be formed just like clay: rolled, stamped, coiled, joined, and is then dried. Then it is fired by kiln or flame and the organics burn out, leaving either fine or sterling silver depending upon the formula. It is versatile and fun to work!

1 1/2" X 15/16" approx. Sold with a Korean-style chain (pictured).



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