• Image of Andamooka Opal Sterling Silver Wirewrapped Pendant
  • Image of Andamooka Opal Sterling Silver Wirewrapped Pendant

This lovely piece is made with rare Andamooka sandstone opal from Australia. It is notable for flashing green and purple fire throughout the piece. It is a bit difficult to get this to show up in photos, so I have taken a piece in my hand so you can see some of its beauty. For a video that shows the colors, especially the purple, see my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoonkissedGem

Opal is the result of silica (silicon and oxygen) seeping into the cracks in rook. Opal is known for its appearance in desert climates where there are seasonal rains followed by dryness in places like the Australian outback and Nevada. It is 20% water. Common opal looks glass-like but does not have flash of colors. Play of color refers to the flashing colors found in precious opals. It has to do with the size and arrangement of silicate spheres, violet bring the smallest 0.1 micron, and red the largest at 0.2 microns. Opal comes in different colors such as white, black or red. It is fragile and is often sold as a doublet, with a quartz cap on top of a cabochon to protect the surface. Andamooka Opal is opal infused into sandstone.

Wrapped in solid sterling silver wire.

20" sterling silver pattern neck chain included.

2 3/16" X 1" approx



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