• Image of Ammolite and CZ 14 Karat Gold Fill Wirewrapped Pendant

Ammolite is the provincial gem of Alberta, Canada. It’s formed when ammonites, fossilized mollusks, were deposited in layers of shale, leaving their crushed layers of shell (nacre) to shine and glitter. The different layers of shell cause diffraction of light, creating the many colors that ammolite exhibits.

Ammolite is notoriously difficult to photograph. The colors are sometimes directional, that is, they change in intensity with the direction of view, and I always try to wrap a piece so that it will shine best when worn at the chest. At any rate, I sometimes take different pics in natural vs. flash or artificial light, etc.

Wrapped in 14 karat gold filled wire. 14 karat gold fill wire is durable, containing about 100 times more gold than gold plate. It is considered to be heirloom quality.

2" X 1" approx.



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